The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

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The 6th Spiritual Secret of Sefer 72

The lesson of acceptance, gratitude and happiness

preparing and refining your soul for your onward journey


6. Preparing for your onward journey to the"next" Life

Everyone makes lots of preparations for going on holiday - no-one prepares their soul for the final journey

Each day most people spend more time getting dressed and made-up than preparing for the inevitable


Imagine if you could CHOOSE your next life at the end of this life - what would you choose to be - where would you choose to be born - what would you choose for your? Many in the world - would wish for - what "they" believe to be the perfect life - somewhere exotic with "rich and wealthy" parents. Whilst others wouldn't wish for anything positive - they would merely wish NOT to encounter the BAD experiences they've had in this lifetime.


The wiser and more spiritually minded - would wish NOT to come-back to earth and suffer all the pain, anguish and tests of "life" - such people would ensure that they say GOODBYE to this earthly life forever and ensure they complete everything they came to this world to complete. With no loose-ends - no attachment - no connections - and no bad karma.


When you move-home to a better home - you say "goodbye" easily

It's human nature to have emotions that attach you to people, places and facets of life


All the reasons you love life so much is because of your feelings of attachment to everything and everyone you have in your life. When you've moved home - to a better future - a nicer home - you say "goodbye" - with ease, happiness and reflections of lots of positive memories.


The same when you say "goodbye" to people you've loved who've died - with warmth and sense of ending a phase in life. Jobs, careers, schools, college and even some relationships - when you realize - it's destined time to end that phase of your life - and especially when you have a new phase already - lined-up - it's easy to say "goodbye" - because you're embracing the future.


It's the same with EVERY PHASE of your life - when you realize that life never stays-the-same - you will realize that life on earth is a journey and not a destination in itself. One of my favourite "teachers" is Dr Carl Jung - as he combines the spiritual with the reality of life - who explains - that when you KNOW there's more to life than life - then you can embrace life and have better quality of life.



The Spiritual interviews with Professor Dr Carl Jung on youtube where he discusses the difference between TRUTH, REALITY & BELIEFS. And the excellent hour-long lecture talking of "beliefs" and "spirituality" & the "World Within" one's mind.


When you know there's more to "life" than "life" ....

When you've had experiences and proof that there's more to life than life - then you can embrace and let-go of life easier


The ONLY reasons people get frightened, fearful and worry - is because - whatever situation they're in - they believe that it's a dead-end. When a young teenager has his/her heart broken - they don't realize that they have their whole future to look forward to.


When a 30 or 40 year old - looses their husband/wife or when they loose their career - when they face the "mid-life" crises of achieving whatever they thought they wanted - and realize it is not what they wanted - they fall apart - because they don't realize that every ending is merely a definition of a new beginning.


Unfortunately, in many selfish - self-centred humans is to believe that the whole world revolves around "them" - hence until "they" experience the pains and anguish of life's experiences - "they" have no comprehension of what other people are experiencing.


Everyone in the world - has phases in life - when everything falls apart - and then everyone in the world experiences phases of when everything new comes in - as life is cyclical - constantly changing. With ONE exception - that since Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008 , Uranus entered Aries in March 2011 and Neptune entered Pisces in January 2012 - there's lots of inexplicable events happening - generational changes are now underway. When endings which are dead-endings must completely end - and facets of life which until now have been ignored are now coming alive.


The best facet of - GENERATIONAL CHANGES - is that everyone realizes the truth that there are BIG changes happening in the world - look at the power of the internet and how everyone everywhere is connected to the internet. How BIG things are happening each week and each month in the world - as it is transforming to be NEW phase in life.


Now - and here is my point - do you get upset or cry that you're missing the past - could you imagine living in the 80's or 90's without internet ? how boring life would be living back then ? And whilst you have some good memories - you realize in hindsight - that great progress has been made since the invention of www internet in 1993. Everything has changed. It might appear to be the same world - but it isn't - as it has enabled things you now take for granted and accept as normal - which are - in fact "miracles".


The good news with Saturn in Sagittarius - from September 2015 => December 2017 - combined with Uranus in Aries until May 2018, Neptune in Pisces until 2025 and Pluto in Capricorn until 2024 - that everyone everywhere is going to see a lot more destined changes in all your lives. The world is changing - and therefore - there's no need to be sad or upset about saying "goodbye" to the "past".


In Summer 2015 - many Syrian refugees made it to a whole new life in Europe - they've been welcomed by many countries - and many are enjoying a new life they could never have dreamt of - sadly - they had the leave the "past" - but all agree - they're so happy they've made it.


Life is no longer a "fixed" and "predictable" set of circumstances - same in where you live - same in your relationships - things can change from one month to the next. That's the karmic "test" of life - not to get so attached to anything - and know - that after one phase of life - another one begins.


Accepting there's an onward journey ....

It's a fact of life - endings end - but to pass through the Gateway - you need to accept there's an onward destination


The Chapter 13 The Gateway in the Book of Love which was inspired by Psalm72 - defines that everyone comes to a DEAD-END - as a necessity to evolving and moving-forward with life. Even if you feel your life is a DEAD-END - it isn't - it merely needs you to see beyond the "dead-end" and to see through "The Gateway" by opening your mind to things that your mind is closed to. When people become "dead-bored" with life - it is because they falsely believe that's it. But there is more to life than limited earthly perceptions.


Now - some readers - might laugh and deny this fact - but AFTER you've had your DEAD-END experiences - which could be in the untimely death of a loved-one or end of relationships or end of something vitally important to you - then you will realize - there's more to life than "life" - and it's time for you too - to explore the expansion of your mind and soul - into spirituality.


How long do people spend planning a holiday ?

And yet how long do people spend thinking of the biggest journey everyone takes?


We've all done it - planned holidays - gone to the airport - packed the right clothes - accommodation - travel - yes - it's what everyone does - and when you get there it's simply "LUCKY" whether you truly enjoy it or not. Sometimes everything goes right and sometime it all goes wrong - and you wish you'd never gone on holiday. Ironically - everyone - always loves coming back home - that too is one of life's mysteries and experiences of coming back home.


However, Psalm72 is referring to being prepared for the inevitable and biggest journey you'll ever take - the life-after-death - the good thing is you won't need to take anything with you - no need to pack or travel - the day comes - and that's it - this earthly journey ends.


Indeed - How many people do you know - who died suddenly who were ill-prepared and not even "ready" for death? That too should teach us the necessity to prepare and enjoy everyday as if it was the last day.


Psalm72 is saying - what a waste of life - not to spend time preparing for the inevitable journey that everyone takes. Many people are not prepared spiritually - as most people are focused on worrying about all the earthly nonsense. Your mind and soul wants you to THINK of spiritual things - be prepared for that inevitable journey.


How to prepare - have you done everything you wanted to do?

Indeed the phrase "no-one" knows the day and time of the Lord - means it could all "end" anytime


A spiritual awakening that comes to everyone is when you ask yourself - have you done everything you wanted to do with your life? or are you still waiting for the right time to do it? If you dropped-dead today - would your soul have any regrets of things you've never done and not yet done with your life?


One of the facets of "news" is when you hear of tragic deaths - is to realize that "life" is fragile - so appreciate the gift of life each and everyday because you'll never know - when it's that destined "time" to move-on and leave earth.


The truth is many people are "asleep" - even amongst Jewish people - hardly anyone goes to "Visit Graves and Cemeteries" of Spiritual Rabbis - and the reason why "they" don't go is people instinctively know the TRUTH - that - it will "open" them up spiritually and they know it will change their lives. Becoming enlightened to realize the TRUTH means that it will take them "AWAY" from a meaningless selfish materialistic pathway to a new SPIRITUALLY enlightened pathway.


People who use "religion" or "kabala" for earthly stuff

unfortunately in this modern materialistic generation - people are using "religion" to enhance the earthly world


A spiritually enlightened soul - would realize - you can't do "deals" with "god" - to use spirit to advance your earthly life - because all that does is create an emphasis on earthly materialism - it doesn't help the soul.


I've seen it in real life - actions that contradict words - they are working for "money" and "worrying" for a materialistic life - when they don't even know how long they have left to live - and completely ignoring to prepare for the inevitable journey of their spiritual soul.

"They" know they don't have long left to live - and yet - they spend long hours working for nothing - especially as "they" have more money than they'll ever need. But the addiction of money - is keeping them attached to nonsense.


When you worry about something that is "dead" - then you too are "dead" ; when you think of something vast and eternal then you too expand to be spiritual. This is the beginning of your preparation - to expand your mind and detach from things that are "dead".


Understanding the invisible and "becoming Spiritual" ...

Switching the emphasis of your life from dead-end earthly materialisms to an energizing enlightened spirituality


Pigs naturally constantly eat and take - hence the expression becoming greedy as pigs - do you think the Pig realizes that it is eating to become fat in order for it's meat Pork, Bacon and Ham to be tasty for humans to eat. If the "pig" realized the truth - that eating like a greedy pig - was only making it a target for the farmer to sell it to the abattoir for a good price - what do you think it would do? Well it's a good job that the greedy pig doesn't know the truth and hasn't got any brains to think - isn't it?


It's the same with "some" humans - they've no idea about anything other than their own individual earthly lives - they don't even want to know or think about anything bigger than their own individuality - hence they too are taking, taking and taking more from life - like greedy pigs - UNTIL - one day - they have heart attack and it's all over.


Humans have an inbuilt instinct of wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong - unfortunately when people forget the need for a balanced life of both giving and taking - it takes a sudden unexpected awakening to make people realize the need to become balanced again. Everyone "knows" it - but humanity sometimes forgets it.


During 2015, 2016 and 2017 - thanks to Saturn in Sagittarius - the astrological configuration will re-balance that which needs balancing - fix that which needs fixing and heal that which needs healing. It will do this by ensuring many people will be given the wisdom and common sense to THINK like well-balanced intelligent humans again and not like greedy pigs - although that still won't stop some people from still being "Pigs" - but "they" will only make themselves a target of unwanted attention - like the fattened pig being noticed by the farmer for slaughter.


If you've been living with emphasis on materialism - that too is OK - it's part of life - but now is time to start to think more spiritually - time to grow-up and mature spiritually. The key to enlightenment is that with NOTHING - you will acquire, feel and experience the spirituality of life. For spiritual wisdom costs nothing - it is free - divine and in the ether for everyone to receive.


Something good always comes from "nothing"

The most intriguing mystery of life is that something good always comes from "nothing" ...

Everything exists in invisible form - "you" are not "you" - "you" have an invisible spiritual version of yourself too


The spirituality of life means that your feelings, your karma, your attitude to life, your invisible nature - is actually "nothing" - it can't be packed into a box and sold - you either have it or you don't - it's INVISIBLE and is your spiritual essence of who you are.


These INVISIBLE facets that define "you" - are in fact what is meant by the word "nothing" - the nothingness before you were born and the nothingness during your life and nothingness after you die. The INVISIBLE NOTHINGNESS is in fact your spirituality.


When you realize this - you will begin the spiritual enlightened journey of "lighting" up your aura - energizing your "nothingness" - because that is the secret of who you truly are. In physical terms you were "nothing" before you were born - and "nothing" after you die. Whilst YOU ARE NOT NOTHING - you have SOMETHING inside you - that is the real "you" - it is your invisible spiritual soul.


When you "pray" - when you suddenly receive inspiration or when you suddenly feel better - where did all that energy come from? It was the invisible nothingness that makes everything happen. What makes you smile - what makes you feel happy - what makes you sense the good vibes - what makes your life worthwhile - is all the invisible energies. That is where you "future" is - so focus on working on the "invisible" - and you'll see all the earthly stuff will be sorted out too.


"Divine Intervention" means "Acceptance"

Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Aries we're in the middle of learning from "life" - that "Divine Intervention" is creating inexplicable events in all our lives to FORCE us to search for the answers - forcing each of us to STOP and THINK. It's the same Divine Intervention that has ensured you read this page online and the same Divine Intervention that has forced me to spend the time and write for you!


Once you truly realize this - in awe and humility - you will automatically begin to live in HARMONY with your destiny as you realize that the DIVINE has been creating events in your life UNTIL you ACCEPT everything that happens in your life is GOOD and has had a purposeful reason.


Living life in harmony with your own destiny - isn't defined by "fixing" the earthly stuff - it is defined by fixing your attitude to life - then all the earthly stuff will automatically sort itself out - as your perception of life changes.


You are your soul's best friend - talk to your soul

The two-way conversation you can have with your soul is important .... some call it "praying" !

Change your attitude to life - see life as a preparation for your soul - for it's onwards journey



Sefer 72 ספר חסד של אמת The Book of Eternal Kindness of Truth

The biggest kindness you can do for your own soul is to become spiritually enlightened

Detach yourself from the earthly addictions - protect your mind and thoughts from earthly "garbage"


9 They whoever lives in the wilderness shall bow before him; and his enemies shall lick the dust.
Explanations:- living in safety and security amongst other people in big cities is always deceptive - but when you go on holiday to go somewhere remote or to the desert or countryside - and realize your vulnerabilities as a human - you respect GOD more than being the safety of civilization.

Indeed - I've often suggested to readers who are addicted to internet - to go-out without your cellphone / iPhone - and they admit they feel worried and disconnected - it makes them feel a sense of isolation - this is actually healthy to find yourself and your own spirituality. The "enemies" referred to here in this verse - are a persons earthly addictions that die with death.


16 There shall be an handful of corn in the earth upon the top of the mountains; the fruit shall make noises like Lebanon: and they of the city shall grow like earthly grass.

Explanations:- this is referring to something HIGHER than earth plane - it is referring to the higher spiritual realms - where spiritual wisdom, intuition and all knowledge is being constantly communicated to everyone. Your soul never sleeps and even if you're in a busy mess of earthly life - you can still connect to the higher realm and find peace. The mysterious use of the word "Lebanon" here is referring to a place where you are free of all earthly nonsense.

That's the place where your soul goes to - to find the answers your looking for - and to be at peace in meditation - it's the place where your mind expands and grows - it has been growing over many lifetimes and it continues to grow - because your soul and physical mind is ensuring you're learning the karmic lessons of "life" in this generation of enlightenment.





The End-of-Times Vision of the Book of Daniel ספר דניאל

EVERYONE will become spiritually enlightened in the Last Generation

Book of Daniel - predicts - EVERYONE on Earth - which means EVERYONE !


המשכילים יזהירו כזוהר הרקיע ומצדיקי הרבים ככוכבים לעולם ועד

"The enlightened wise people shall shine as the brightness of the sky; and they shall turn the multitudes of many people

to righteousness, and everyone will shine like each star in the sky shines for ever and ever"

דניאל פרק יב פסוק ג Book of Daniel 12 verse 3 - The Pathway to Spiritual Enlightenment.


Psalm 72 - Sefer 72 - ספר חסד של אמת

SpiriualSecrets7 - "the End of Times" - Not to fear anything - Destiny is in control


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם