The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

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The 5th Spiritual Secret of Sefer 72

The mysterious words of Psalms 72

& the double meanings of many words to hide the SpiritualSecrets


Psalm 72 Verse 10 - The kings of Tarshish and of the isles shall bring presents: the kings of Shiva and Seva shall offer gifts.
Explanations:- the mysterious names are words that are used in this Psalm are unusual - the words are non-biblical and not used in the bible except here - and hence have references to events and places in the world in future generations.


Tarshish some explain as Spain, Italy or India - whereas the "isles" could be the British Isles, Greece, even the far-away places such as North / South America that were unknown 3000 years ago, or Indonesian islands, Philippines, Japan or even Australia and New Zealand, Antarctica - the reference here to these places is to define EVERYONE inclusive of everywhere in the whole world - will be included in the final prophetic vision of the world.


The reference to Shiva and Seva - I understand is referring to India - Lord Shiva of India - includes 1 Billion Indians - as King David is referring to end of time - he is including EVERYONE in the world - there's no-one who will get preferential treatment - and EVERYONE will see the full picture. The word "Seva" in the original hebrew סבא - could be USA - the inclusivity for all of humanity is wanting to show that we all all connected together.


5. The Mysterious words and Double Meaning of Psalm 72

Shiva - Seva - Yinon - Gaz - ZarZif - Kirvivim - Yatzizu

Shiva - Lord Shiva of India - referring to the Gold of India Shiva Temples

Seva - referring to continent of Africa - Gaz & Zarzif referring to Russia and Europe

Proving the prophetic vision of end of times is ALL INCLUSIVE of EVERYONE everywhere in the world


King David knew he needed to conceal the secrets and chose Psalm 72 to hide the secrets in - as explained on SpiritualSecrets7 - he knew that every spiritual Jewish person would always cherish the number 72 - hence he knew he had to hide "everything" he foresaw in this Psalm72.


Even now - in the age enlightenment - there are names and hebrew words in Psalm72 that still don't make sense - like the reason why King David inserted - the name of the Messiah - "Yinon". The hebrew words used in Psalm 72 that have never been used in biblical writings - names like "SHIVA" is certainly a reference to India's Lord Shiva - and other names are probably acronym's for places and countries of the "future" - in our present world - still to be explained and deciphered.


Humans need Mysteries & Problems to Solve

Intrinsic in humans is the need for problems and mysteries in order to "search" for answers ...

Whenever you think about "mysteries" your mind becomes opened to be enlightened


It has taken 3000 years since King David to arrive at where we are today. Could it have been done sooner or quicker is a question for philosophers - but the unquestionable fact of life is that we are living at unique time in the history of the world - with 7 Billion people living on planet Earth - with vast majority having internet access - "information and wisdom" is available today - like it has never ever been available to everyone.


The expansion of human minds is growing exponentially faster than ever before - therefore - it is just a matter of destined time in the next few weeks, months and years - when all the mysteries will be revealed, intuited and inspired by the greatest of OPEN-MINDED people throughout the whole world.


In the natural growth of children into adults - after a period of accepting everything - begins a period of questioning everything - in order to expand and grow. I'm sure you've heard all children ask that question - "why?" - "why?" - "why?" All sensible adults that are growing - ask it too - "why this?" and "why that?" - and then after a period of questioning, searching and having problems - a period of finding inspirational answers always comes.


It is a continuous pathway of growth of asking - "why this?" and "why that?" - and then being inspired with answers - OR - thanks to the karmic gift of the internet - finding the answers online. But the only way you can grow is to have an OPEN mind and QUESTION.


The Battle between an open mind and closed mind

You can't grow with a closed mind - the only way for growth is to have an open inquisitive mind


Traditionalists refuse to accept change - the same "types" that used to believe the Earth was flat and refused to believe the Earth revolved around the Sun - are the same types of ignorant people who are are refusing to believe there's anything beyond our Solar system - and refusing to QUESTION anything. Their own "Closed" minds can't even begin to think of the infinite space of infinity - so they remain trapped in their own ignorance.


However, everyone else - It's time to open your mind - question - search - ask - "why this?" and "why that?" - and then realize the bigger the facet you're asking about the more your mind expands.


You might say there are two types of people in the world or say that you experience two phases of life - People who ACCEPT everything and others who QUESTION everything - or - moments when you ACCEPT everything and moments when you QUESTION everything.


After a period of accepting everything - in order to expand and grow - a period of questioning everything and solving the stagnation created by "accepting" everything - then after a period of questioning - is a period of finding inspirational answers.


For example - if you're asking - why your automobile works or why your computer works - you're restricting your mind to those things - but - if you ask about the power of the Sun in our solar system OR the infinite space - or if you ask - why no-one falls off Earth - even though those down-under are seemingly upside-down - or if you ask - what is under your feet - deep inside the Earth - or if you ask - where will you go after you die - all valid questions - and all of which - will OPEN your mind to THINK.


The correlation between your mind and body is a mystery too - and science is being inspired to find the answers - because science is SEARCHING for answers. If people weren't INSPIRED TO SEARCH - then no-one would find the answers. Therefore, to ensure people "SEARCH" for things they don't even realize they're searching for - life creates mysteries.


Mysteries are created in order to solve the puzzle of life

King David predicted this time of enlightenment, wisdom and amazement - when we find the answers to mysteries

You will receive the intuitive brilliant ideas to find the answers because you have an OPEN mind


The biggest mystery is none of us knows what's "INSIDE"

as outside appearances do NOT explain the inside of anything

Science is uncovering and will continue to uncover the truth - there's more than just meets the eye

There's something HIDDEN INSIDE everything and everyone that exists in this world


Everything is this physical world is defined by what you see on the OUTSIDE - the new level of wisdom and understanding that has begun to unfold is to completely understand the INSIDE. Now that scientists at CERN who gave us the "internet" - are now searching for the "INSIDE" - this will indeed fulfill prophetic vision of Psalm72.


It's ironically funny that there's a statue of Lord Shiva at CERN - a "sign" too of fulfilling of the vision of Psalm72 - as explained on SpiritualSecrets7 - the world ends with amazement - when everyone everywhere in the world will see the amazing discoveries and revelations - [the world does NOT end in apocalyptic nonsense].


Psalm72 - explains that a time is coming when we understand the INSIDE - because when you comprehend the INSIDE - then you will automatically find the TRUTH in the world. When you know what someone wants and why - then you can truly understand them - but when people lie and don't tell you what they want or hide their true feelings - then - it creates a blockage. Therefore - there's needs to have an - honest truthful SYNC between the INSIDE and OUTSIDE. The cause of illness and problems in physical world is that the inside is not in-sync with the outside.


Likewise - with your physical body - with your mind - with Earth itself - with everything you see with your eyes - the INSIDE always defines it's TRUTH - whereas the OUTSIDE creates a confusing illusion and deception. It is like TWO completely different realities of the same thing.


The outside appearances are NOT in sync with inner truth

The solution to all problems will be ensuring a SYNC between the inner truth and outer reality


Confusion that exists is because - there's truth mixed with deceit and lies - hence the outside reality is NOT IN SYNC with the inner truth. You could say we all envelope both truth in deceit & envelope deceit in truth - for nothing is completely deceitful and nothing is completely truthful.


But as we are seeing in this internet generation - when someone admits the TRUTH - there's more respect than for someone who LIES. For example, priests who admit being GAY - are accepted more than those who LIE and then get caught. People who preach one thing and do the opposite are contradicting their own aura. There's a conflict between the INNER and the OUTER.


I was born and raised Jewish - until - a Rabbi confirmed my mother's conversion was invalid - I lived with conflict for years - until I found the truth in Psalm72 - and RESET myself to be the Catholic Christian that I truly was. That spiritual Rabbi found the TRUTH and then I lived it in SYNC with truth.


We all have something in our outer world that is a contradiction to our truthful inner spiritual world - and this means - we are out of SYNC - when you search - you too will find the answers - and RESET yourself to be IN SYNC with who you are. For example - if you're married for status or money - but totally in-love, dreaming, wanting another - you might even be having an affair - living a DOUBLE LIFE.


Living a "double" life - that is what is predicted by these words of Psalm72 - the double life defined by the double meanings to all the hebrew words. The solution to confusion - is to be honest with yourself - stop living the DOUBLE LIFE. If INSIDE you love someone - but your OUTSIDE is with someone else - then something is out of sync and wrong.


The answers to all problems are found "within" - "inside"

King David in Psalm 72 is giving a big clue to finding the "answers" and that is to look inside "within"


Whilst it seems obvious - people are blind to the external superficial and deceptive external facets of life - but the truth is all answers lie WITHIN everyone - WITHIN everything. That is the essence of life on Earth. And whilst the external should be an exact image of the internal essence - in this "modern" world - more work is done on the external than on the internal.


Some people spend hours shopping for clothes to "look" good - but those people will spend no time - working-on and making their inner nature "look" good - with good aura of good nature. The exact SYNC between external and internal - is defined as TRUTH.


Hence, if you want your outside world to become wholesome and happy with a wholesome peace - ensure you're not contradicting yourself - ensure your inner thoughts are defining your outside world. Ensure that whatever "you" are from within - is exactly whatever "you" are externally.


The invisible emotions will ensure people are in sync with truth

Emotions can't lie - when people have feelings - the Moon will ensure those honest feelings are in sync with truthful reality


Psalm72 has reference to the Moon - referring to the truthful fact that whilst people lie - their inner emotions which are in sync with their karmic truth can't lie. This explains the current TRUTHFUL reality of "Lesbian and Gays" - these are merely good people telling the truth of their sexual orientation - no-one should be criticized for being truthful. Better to be TRUTHFUL than continue to live a LIE.


The end of times - defines the ultimate time when all TRUTHS are revealed. But if "some" people are hiding their truths - then they can't possibly expect to find inner peace - their reality is not in sync with their truth. Hence, each full Moon from now and until the end of time - and most significantly and much stronger - after January 2016 - truth's will be seen as the only way forward.


Between now and then - more and more people - will realize that TRUTH is the solution. Living in sync in your outer world as you believe from within to be right for you. And as explained in on SpiritualSecrets6 - being truthful is the only way to progress and prepare your soul for the greatest journey it will ever take.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם