The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

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The 4th Spiritual Secret of Sefer 72

The karmic importance of the Moon - as it talks to you - every moment of everyday

& Moon Astrology is proof that there's a Divine plan for all of humanity


4. Moon Astrology - Karmic Secrets unlocked by the Moon

The greatest mystery of Psalm 72 - written 3000 years ago - is - why King David referred to the importance of the Moon


As I explained in - "The pieces of the Puzzle" - prior to 2008 - although I had written about astrological events I knew there was something important missing - and then I found it - thanks to the coincidence of opening Psalm 72 - seeing the word Moon written twice.

And then just magically realizing that the secrets to astrology - are not only defined by the planets - but by the Moon - as the Moon lets-in and facilitates the astrological energies into the Earth's orbit - depending on the phase of the Moon - it can delay and even block things from happening - conversely - the New Moon and Full Moon can unlock many things to happen.


But - and this is the point of Psalm 72 - if you're non-emotional, if you don't let yourself feel anything, if you don't care about anything or anyone - and worse still people who do drugs or drink alcohol to suppress what they're truly feeling - are BLOCKING their own destiny. And I'd add - even sitting in front of the TV like couch-potatoes - blocks a person from feeling and from hearing what the Moon is telling you.


In Book of Reincarnations - I explain in Chapter "The Power of Moon" - the invisible and inexplicable lunar energies communicate with you - especially when it makes you unexpectedly change your feelings about someone or something - that is what is defined in Verse 5 of Psalm 72 - "They shall fear you as long as the sun and moon endure, throughout all generations".


Moon Astrology - Secrets of the Moon

Moon Astrology ..... exceedingly important dates with destiny - each and every New Moon and Full Moon


"Moon Astrology" is worth reading - many people are learning about the precise nature of Astrology - proving that there is a destined Divine plan - as predicted and written for all of humanity in the stars above. Whilst some people are seeing proof that Astrology works - especially the power of the Moon to unlock destined karmic events - especially at New Moon's and Full Moon's - there are "some" people who still can't accept the power of the Moon - that the Divine Creator has given to the Moon to protect humanity on Earth - and to ensure everything happens. However in the next few years - and certainly - after December 2017 when Saturn enters Capricorn - everyone will realize - the truth of Moon astrology.


It is from this Verse 5 of Psalm 72 - that defines an important fact of Moon Astrology - and that is the permutations and combinations of Sun and Moon - as the Sun shines on the Moon - hence each lunar month of 29 days - the Moon astrology is defined by both the Sun star sign which is shining it's light on the Moon.


The Purpose of Life is to Live - Most people Living Are "Dead"

Before you can awaken to fix your life - you need to realize that you're "asleep" and "dead"


All the answers are in your emotions

Be honest with how you feel - wake-up from your sleep !


When you do something - when you're completely switched-on full of emotions or when you're switched-off and emotionally dead - will define what you accomplish in life. If you feel NOTHING - if everyday of your life - you're dead bored and feel neither positive nor negative emotions - then you have a problem - you're not actually "alive" !


I'll be honest with you - prior to 2nd May 2008 - I wasn't really awake - but after being awakened - through a very argumentative situation with an abusive businessman in Vienna - I became truly ALIVE. I was angry inside - but it made me come ALIVE. I walked out of the meeting in Vienna and stayed that weekend in Bratislava - which thanks to the Holy Spiritual soul of Rabbi Moshe Sofer - known as The Chasam Sofer in the underground Jewish cemetery - I felt "his" spiritual soul saved me.




Your unlocked emotions will save your soul

When you let yourself feel what you're feeling - when you feel the intense energies is when your soul is unlocked


The Moon is talking to everyone each and everyday - the "Introduction to Moon Astrology" explains the Moon is moving every molecule of water - each and everyday - and as you're 70% water content - the Moon is trying to move you too. The Moon unlocks your emotions - all of the emotions - the good and the bad ones too - in order to get you to wake-up and do something with your life.


What makes you come "alive" and excited ?

At each stage of your life - something new and different - will make you come "alive" and make you "excited"


Whatever it is that you love today - make sure you love it - make sure you let all your emotions come alive and excited for whatever it is that is exciting you today. That way - you can be sure that you're OPEN to all the transcending goodness that the Moon is unlocking.


If you're not loving your life - then you're not living life properly - because whatever your circumstances there should always be something in your life that you should be loving - and each day - it should make you feel alive and excited to be alive.


When you love all the things in your life - then you will begin to expand your mind and love the mysteries and enormity of the solar system and infinite ether. That's called expansion of your mind and soul - and only when you're ready - will your mind unlock the ability to think of the infinity of infinity. According to the prophetic verses of Psalm 72 - before the "end" - everyone will indeed - be thinking of the infinite infinity of space.


Let me give you some facts to think about......

Our Solar System is Miracle

All planets floating in a vacuum of space

Space is currently a hidden mystery and yet the fact it exists in uniformity - defines "something" GREAT has defined it


All planets are indeed floating in the vacuum and nothingness of "space" - Earth and Moon ; Mars with it's 2 Moon's ; Jupiter with it's 63 Moons ; Saturn with it's 61 Moons - and enormous rings ; Uranus with it's 27 Moons ; Neptune with it's 13 Moons and Pluto with it's 5 Moons - have you any idea of our Universe ?


Image reproduced by Courtesy of NASA

"The Infinite Ether" is an understatement

Space is currently a hidden mystery and yet the fact it exists in uniformity - defines "something" GREAT has defined it


Finding whatever "it" is that expands your mind - is unique to you - and as I come from a curiosity of "Astrology" - the planets, stars and infinite ether - and most specifically my fascination with the HUGE amount of energy and light from the Galactic center in the direction of 28°/29° Sagittarius means that whatever "it" is - is BIG - bigger than any of us can imagine.


Space is so vast - that distances have to be calculated in terms of "Light Years" the defined distance it takes light to travel. It's so vast - and is proven to be so vast - that the numbers can make anyone dizzy. Speed of Light is 186,000 miles per second [300,000 km per second] - "1 Light Year" is actually a distance of 6 trillion miles - [10 trillion km]. And there's 26,000 light years to the centre of our Galaxy. That's truly "BIG" . The whole Milky way is estimated to be approx 100,000 light years across.


The nearest stars are 16 light years away - that is 96 trillion miles - [160 trillion km] - when you look up at the stars at night - the light you see from some stars - can take 4 years to arrive in your eyes. For example, the stars that makes up the astrological star sign of Libra is 377 light years from Earth and Capricorn is 340 light years from Earth - add to this - thoughts of the infinite vastness of space and the stars beyond - then you might realize that anything in your life is totally insignificant - that is a moment - when you should become humbled at the greatness of whatever it is that has created the Universe.





The Planets App for iPhone/iPod is => & Photo taken from Wikipedia Article on the "Milky Way"

The Star Sign of Sagittarius is the direction towards the Galactic Center of the Milky Way

[It's worth reading the Full Article on]


Space is Real and Infinity Exists

It might be overstating the obvious - but as you're intelligent and enlightened readers of "Astrology" and if you're anything like me - then you too FORGET the obvious - so - FORGET all the man-made garbage and earthly nonsense - and to THINK of infinite SPACE.


Think of the infinite reality of our Galaxy, the infinite vastness of the Ether and all it's lights and energies. The center of which - as far as we know it - is towards a HUGE source of energy and light in the direction of 28°/29° Sagittarius. Whenever, I have earthly moments of worry or fears - I STOP and THINK OF INFINITE space - which immediately makes me see the earthly stuff with a different perspective.


Whilst earthly stuff is important to "life" experiences - understanding that there's more to "life" than small and almost insignificant nonsense - then you too - will stop worrying. Worry is a contraction into limited space - whereas when you think of space it is exactly like "love" - it is an expansion of your mind and hence the connection of your thought to something BIGGER than yourself - will redefine "you".


However, and here is my main point - if you "think" of it all as science and don't think of "it" as a brilliant creation of a Creator - then you're missing the point of enlightenment. When you truthfully realize that not a single star is a coincidence - but a created entity by SOMETHING BIGGER than any of us could even imagine - then you're beginning to understand that it is BIG - VERY BIG. It is even BIGGER than the millions of websites on the internet - and - it is ALL REAL and BIG !


Think of the infinite infinity of the Universe


The next few years - due to Pluto in Capricorn & Neptune in Pisces - truths will be revealed that will be expanding minds. Each truth as it is discovered by scientists - will expand the realization of how small we are - and how great the Creator is.


The famous from the prophetic book - Tana Dvei Eliyahu - written 2000 years ago - [which I will be using to write the "Book of Secrets of ספר סודי סודות"] - constantly uses the phrase לעולם ולעולמי עולמים which means "For this world and for the worlds of other worlds" - it was beyond reality for them to understand what prophetic words were being given then - but now in our generation - it will become clear - that it's not just "this world" - but we are a "world amongst worlds of other worlds". Humanity - wasn't yet ready for this - but soon - humanity will be ready.


Whilst for this wisdom - I constantly say - I love the brilliance of Rabbi Onan and Eliyahu for giving us this wisdom in Tana Dvei Eliyahu - but most of all - I say - I LOVE THE DIVINE GOD - the CREATOR of everything - who created the infinite infinity of worlds amongst worlds - in an infinite space that is an infinity of light years.

לעולם ולעולמי עולמים

"For this world and for the worlds of other worlds"

Verse 7 Psalm 72 - In his days shall the righteous flourish; and abundance of peace so long as the moon endures.

Explanations of Verse 7:- the hebrew word for "he" and "his" has double meaning - referring to GOD - the Divine creator - the Universe which includes the Moon and Earth - as the synchronicity of life - means it's all together - each planet, the Sun , the Moon and life on Earth - are all connected - there's no one without the other - and when the day and time of the Lord - comes - to reset this small Universe - and create another Universe is beyond our comprehension - for we are all just small pieces in the collective infinity of infinity.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם