The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Audio file is - "SpiritualSecret 3"

The 3rd Spiritual Secret of Sefer 72

Your soul never sleeps and is constantly trying to ensure you have

an exact correlation between your real destiny and your physical reality


3. Connect with just one Single Destined Truth of your Life

By connecting with just ONE single destined truth that defines your life - will ensure you connect with "everything"


Everyone has moments of destiny - everyone has dates, events, shocks and surprises, everyone has people, places and relationships that define your life - without which - your life would have taken a different direction. Those points - which many call CROSSROADS - are in fact moments of a destined intervention in your life - to ensure you meet your destiny and ensure you follow the correct pathway.


As explained - on SpiritualSecrets1 - you've embedded in your memory - thoughts that you know you want to meet in your life - you "know" what you're looking for - even when you aren't actually looking for it. That's because your aura is resonating to an energy that attracts things into your life.


When you're BLOCKED and when nothing is happening in your life - it is NOT that you're "dead" - although it seems to you that you are because you're feeling so dead-bored and drained - the reason is you're not connected to the facets that your soul wants you to be connected to.


Indeed, in this modern world - where there's so many confusing energies - finding yourself - isn't easy. The "end of times" in the Talmud and Book of Daniel is referred to as בבל BABEL - which means CONFUSION. All the pieces of the puzzle are there in your mind and in your life - but there's so much confusion in our generation that sometimes it's difficult to find the truth with clarity - without being distracted.


Think back to all your destined "crossroad" moments ..

Think carefully - what, who and where is the key to your "crossroads"

The energy of the "crossroad" is a catalyst that always sits in your aura as it is in your mind and soul


Think and find "it" - and then let yourself feel the stimulated excited energy of the "crossroads" - whenever you do - it will ensure you become strengthened. That's because the energy of every one of the "junctions" and "crossroads" of your life is the exact synchronization of your soul with your real reality.


This does NOT mean - you'll be going back to your 1st love or your 1st home, or when you moved out of your parents home and had your independence - but it means your mind is making a SYNC within yourself. When you get and accept that 1 destined piece of your life - then you will realize other destined pieces.


When you think of each and every piece of your life - you will come alive from WITHIN. Without doing nothing other than THINKING. This will prove to you that this SpiritualSecret3 works. The more you think - the more pieces you will realize are truthfully part of your destiny - and the more energy you'll have that will make you COME ALIVE.


You can do this at ANYTIME of the day or night and you will feel it. That's because your soul is constantly available, wanting and willing to fix your life - and because your soul is is always awake - so as soon as you're ready and willing to THINK - your soul is ready to invigorate you. ONE THOUGHT CAN MAKE YOUR CHANGE YOUR WHOLE LIFE.


Then as soon as you're thinking with clarity - you'll immediately realize what is good for you and what is creating confusion in your life because it's bad for you. "Some" people might call this exercise repenting for your sins - but "confession" is merely another way of saying - what's wrong for you and what's right for you.


SpiritualSecrets3 is more than just repenting and regretting mistakes - it is a RESET for your destined pathway with a truthful clarity that only you will feel - because THE TRUTH will make you come ALIVE and SET YOU FREE for all the confusion in your life.


The Key is that destined Truth in Your Life

The events at "crossroads" are destined events that you've already had that created lots of positive energy

When you THINK of "It" - it immediately positively energizes your aura and awakens you

It could be a person, a place, an event or a powerful coincidence that made something BIG happen in your life


Truth creates the urgent need for change

Seeing the Truth is the SYNC of your soul to your current reality - if it's not in SYNC then

when you see something so wrong in your life - you will realize the urgent need to change and fix it immediately

The truth will set your free from the dead-end pathway as truth makes you come alive with energy.


Reset your Aura and Reset your Destiny

The spiritual secret to RESET your aura and your destiny is to imagine you have NOTHING


When you imagine you have NOTHING and imagine you are POOR with nothing or no-one in your life. Because in a state of nothingness - in the "darkness of your life" is - when you can feel the light coming in - the light, warmth and energy that is created by your thoughts and your connections to everyone and everything that is truly RIGHT in your life.


The reason why King David explains that at the end-of-times - the souls will be saved will have to experience the inexplicable karmic pain of being poor, humbled and having nothing - or at least feel the pain that something important is missing in your life that will make you question and search for answers - is in order for you RESET your aura and receive your true destiny.


Then you will feel even more energized by everything that is defined the "crossroads" of your life - getting the answers yourself - is in itself a positive breakthrough for you - and everyone can do it. Thereafter you can "sort" your own life out from within - because you're now in-tune with and listening to your own destiny.


From the ספר זרע קודש of Reb Naftoli Horowitz of Ropshitz....

Change Just ONE aspect of Your Life & Your Whole Life Will Change

Change by Doing Just One Good Thing & It Will Affect Your Whole Life


Conversely & Similarly

Eliminate One Bad Thing from Your Life & Your Whole Life will Change

Change One Habit in Your Daily Routine & It'll Change Your Whole Day




You can't explain what, why or when but life is constantly showing you "signs"

Which picture resonates most with you and which does nothing - is defined by your own soul.

But every candle is a light that awakens something inside of someone somewhere ....


Connecting with one truth - connects you to all truths

Connecting with one destined event - connects you to all events


Your Soul never Sleeps

Even when you're asleep - your soul is always awake -

Even if nothing is happening in your life - your soul is ready to make things happen

Your Soul is always awake - and waiting for you - to search for the Truth which is always within your Soul


Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum of Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary was well-known that whenever he had a problem that needed solving or whenever he didn't understand something - he went to sleep - and then woke-up with the inspired answer - this indeed - was the way he created his explanations to the book of Psalms.


Your soul never sleeps - but the confusion you have is and experience is because the earthly stuff is confusing your head - that whilst your soul is awake - your physical reality is disconnected and falling asleep. So when you're overwhelmed with confusion - go to sleep - switch off from the earthly nonsense and confusion - then THINK of what is truly right for you - IN SYNC with the real destined version of yourself.


Your Soul is constantly on a journey forward

but at times your physical body will get left-behind

especially if you're attached to earthly nonsense


From - a logical astrological perspective - the planets in our solar system are constantly on the move forward - life is moving forward - so if you feel you're going-nowhere and your life is stagnant - then you're actually living in an illusion - because the reality is everyone on planet earth are collectively moving through space around the Sun.


In Psalm 72 Verse 4 - "He will judge the poor of the people, he will save the children of the needy, and shall break in pieces the oppressors" - The Spiritual Explanation:- as the words for poor and needy - are referring to people who are refusing to learn and want to remain ignorant.

Indeed the battle for control of your mind - is a battle for control of your attention - you might want to search for truth and wisdom - but "the oppressors" - which are referring to facets of modern life, people and things that are trying to take control of your mind and distract you from becoming wise.

Indeed, when you choose to do something - ASK YOURSELF - are you doing it because it is a spiritual wise thing to do - or are you doing it because something has taken control of your mind - and takes control of what you decide to do. The battle of control of your mind - and hence for control of your life - is the definition of this karmic internet generation. Set yourself FREE - and THINK for yourself - don't do something because others have taken control of your mind - do it because you know it's the right thing for you to do.


In Psalm 72 Verse 13 - He shall spare the poor and needy, and shall save all the souls of the needy.
The Spiritual Explanation:- the intuitive and inspirational thoughts and invisible positive feelings you receive from the "ether" - especially when you go to sleep and wake-up refreshed - defines the truth - that your soul is constantly being healed during your sleep - listened and cherish the preciousness of your own mind - and "save" yourself from being distracted or corrupted by nonsense.



In Psalm 72 Verse 14 - He shall redeem their soul from deceit and destruction; and precious shall their blood be in his sight.
The Spiritual explanation:- something can only be destroyed from WITHIN - when people have a heart attack or cancer - the damage and destruction is from WITHIN - when "GOD" has mercy on people - the healing from the ether - penetrates a person's aura and mind - that saves lives.

All man-made religions are actually being destroyed from WITHIN their own religion. The truth is everyone's life is precious - hence - it is important to protect your own mind, thoughts from deceit and self-destruction.


Every New Moon and Every Full Moon will awaken you

The Moon is powerful - the Moon unlocks and talks to your invisible emotions to give you feelings


Finding the truth and wanting to find the truth are moments of awakening that destiny will do as the Full Moon and New Moon each and every month talks to your emotions - to ensure you move-forward with your life - making you feel things you need to feel at the right moments when destiny defines you should be feeling them - as explained on SpiritualSecrets4.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם