The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Audio file is - "SpiritualSecret 2"

The 2nd Spiritual Secret of Sefer 72

Being poor is a big blessing as money and the nonsensical greed and desires for money will kill a person.

Being poor saves a person from mistakes and from attracting bad people and gives you "life".


2. Being poor is the biggest blessing you can have

You won't make any stupid mistakes if you're poor

"I've seen many people do a lot of stupid things for money - and there's no helping them ...."



King Solomon - wisest of men - prayed that in all his reincarnations - "He wanted NOT to be rich" ....

He learnt in his reincarnation as King of Israel - that "money" and "riches" are bad for one's soul


The "Tana Dvei Eliyahu" explains that King Solomon - the wealthiest and wisest King of Israel prayed that

in any of his future reincarnations in each and every lifetime that he will live again that he is NOT rich


Let us be honest - how many of you would pray and ask that in your next reincarnation that you be poor? In this 2nd SpiritualSecret of Sefer72 - I will explain - that you too - have prayed for and wanted the circumstances you have in this lifetime - in order to ensure and protect your soul - that you wouldn't do too many fatal mistakes.


In fact and according the writings and messages of the autistic children who are tuned-into the spiritual vibrational thought energies of the world - they claim that 99% of prayers are all about money - yes that's right - all people are praying for in the world is for "money". The other 1% is split between people praying for healing after they've become ill - proving that rarely does anyone pray for and grateful for good health - when they have it!


It's ironic that whilst the transcending astrological energies have been and are making the world a much more spiritually enlightened place to live in - many "humans" are doing the opposite - as the manmade ascending energies filling the aura of the world are creating confusion in minds of everyone in the world - making people focused on earthly "stuff", materialism and "money".


Hence, when you walk in the street - if you attempt to "tune-into" anyone - and haven't been able to - then you should know that the vast majority are thinking of "money" and earthly "stuff" - so when you look at someone from now onwards - realize that emitting from their heads are constant worries of "money". I guess that's why they all look so worried with constant frowns of negativity.


As I explain in SpiritualSecret7 - that the collective consciousness of the world still has "choice" - but the current pathway the world has chosen is one of - "party until the end". Whereas many years ago - it would have been worth awakening people to become spiritually enlightened - with "signs" and "messages" - it's clear that the alternative vision is in progress. That too is destined. Even so - the spiritual option is always available to everyone who wants.


You did it to yourself - You wanted to be poor !

King Solomon's prayers were passed down from generation to generation in the book of "Tana Dvei Eliyahu"

as advice for everyone who wants to be saved and spiritually enlightened to pray to be poor at the end of times


If you - lived in a prior reincarnation - anytime in the past 3000 years - and had heard this wisdom about praying for the "end of times" - and prayed these prayers too - because you realized the truth - then your soul has ensured you are financially poor in this generation. You didn't do it to HURT yourself - you did it so that you would save your own soul.


It's like the story of the man who complained about being married - he was reincarnated really ugly, forced by his own karma to live a life - single and alone. So be careful what you "complain" about - as explained in SpiritualSecret6 - as everything you do and say - makes an impression on your soul for the next incarnation - and any karmic lessons you've not accepted and learnt in this lifetime - you will be challenged and have to learn them in the next lifetime - so you might as well get this lesson of poverty done in this lifetime!


When you ACCEPT that you WANTED to be poor - and when you realize it's just a TEST - to ensure you learn the karmic lessons you need to learn - then when you've learnt the lessons - the test can go-away. But if you hate being "poor" - then the invisible pain will continue - until you've fixed what life wants you to fix.


Acceptance of Being Poor

As I explain on "Book of reincarnation - Three Keys of Reincarnation" - the best way to deal with anything painful, inexplicable and karmic is to ACCEPT it - instead of fighting it - accepting and loving it - ensures that your soul is in SYNC with what it wants you to feel - to cancel-out the karma.


Poverty and being poor - in fact this applies to all inexplicable karmic situations have been recreated in your life - which will be defined by inexplicable stagnation - will continue to ANNOY you and be of PAIN - until the moment when you ACCEPT the situation instead of fighting it. Acceptance - will send a message to your soul - that you ACCEPT the karma - and when you do - you're now able to work in SYNC with your destiny - that's when you'll have a breakthrough of positive changes.


People who FIGHT circumstances - remain stuck - because they're refusing to ACCEPT the karma. According to King David in Psalm 72 - being poor has very important lessons to learn in this generation. Being poor - as I will explain here - will save your soul too.


Do you remember the film GroundHog Day ? Bill Murray only moved forward when he ACCEPTED his situation - whilst he was fighting it - nothing good could happen - he just kept reliving the same dreadful day. So the quicker you ACCEPT being poor - the quicker you can learn the lessons.



Youtube clip of the funny film "GroundHog Day" with Bull Murray & Andie MacDowell


Spiritually Enlightened souls know it's better to be poor

There are important lessons you can only learn - when you're poor - and that's the purpose

when you accept and learn the lesson - then the challenge, pain and anguish will go away


If you look at humanity - every is concerned with status - looking good - to show-off to others - how much money they have. When in truth for many people are living beyond their means - and even living a life that's not theirs to have. It's all a deception of fakes, lies and nonsense. The word NONSENSE - means - it does not make sense. Whilst to a drug-addict or an alcoholic - "their" world revolves around NONSENSE - "they" can't see it. For if they could see the TRUTH - they wouldn't destroy their own lives.


It's the same for the pursuit of MONEY - when people prostitute themselves to do things that don't make sense - "they" can't see it's wrong - so they continue to do it. On this point I too - can confess - that I worked for a company - who took labels off boxes and put new labels on - to deceive their customers of where the goods came from. Yes - that was totally immoral - and yet in "their" business world - it was normal. And yes - you've got it right - I ran-away from that rotten job too !


The lessons of the modern world - show us - rotten situations in order to awaken us. You can't be awakened if you're doing everything perfect or like the delusional alcoholic - you think your life is perfect - you can only be awakened when you realize that something is WRONG with your life - Psalm 72 predicts that the spiritual awakening at the end of times comes - because of MONEY and the invisible karmic fears of being poor.


I add the words - the invisible karmic fears of being poor - because even rich people will be affected - as their invisible fears of loosing their money - is a terrible anguish and pain for them. And it's true - look at most people - they're behaving with irrationality of nonsense - instead of enjoying, appreciating and loving the gift of life - theirs an invisible BAD karma of fear - within them - that's making them miss the gift of life.


For them - Psalm 72 - Sefer72 - can't help - but for you - now that you're awakened and aware - that being POOR and have facets of "poverty" has been decreed in order to learn specific lessons about TRUTH in this karmic generation - so let us learn them ......


The Lessons of Being Poor and having Nothing

The best lesson of being poor is learning - The truth ...

The truth about life, about people and about all people in your life


When you look at someone - if their outer expressions are in sync with their inner self then you'll see a sparkle in their eyes, feeling an aliveness in the invisible feelings you feel from them - "it" is a sense of something invisible and yet something real - as they're wholesome, they're accepting and loving the life that they're living. The key is that they're full of life energy - they're receiving energy and letting it all flow through their aura and emitting the flow of goodness to the world.


But when the inner and outer world isn't in sync - you can immediately sense that something is wrong - that's provided you're IN-SYNC - but if you're living an illusion too - and your inner and outer worlds aren't IN SYNC - then you will not see "it". The "it" - that I'm referring to is the vibration of TRUTH.


When you go on a 1st date - it's all wonderful and any faults are covered-up, she isn't going to tell you she's an argumentative nasty bitch when she doesn't get her own way, and he isn't going to tell you that he's a filthy lazy slob that never tidies-up - and neither well tell if they snore or if they're lazy when it comes to "sex" - indeed DECEPTION is normal in this modern world - isn't it?


Psalm72 predicts that the pathway at the end of time will be split into a freewill choice - the pathway of deception OR the pathway of truth. Being "poor" and having "nothing" - might hurt - but there's a very BIG BLESSING in being "poor" and that's you get to be put of the pathway of truth.


In the same way that Psalm72 - uses different words for being "POOR" - there are indeed different levels of being "POOR" - it all depends on your karma and how much you need in order to be awakened to the TRUTH. Your soul defined that you wanted to be awakened - but if in the reality of this life - you've taken a pathways where you're refusing to listen - your higher self - will choose more intense ways to teach you this lesson.


UNTIL - you either become awakened to the karmic lessons of being "POOR" - or - destiny gives-up on trying to save your soul - so it gives you the money and material success you want - and sends you on the "other" pathway of deceit and lies.


The karma of Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 and until 2024 - will give everyone painful moments of poverty - in order to let you choose the spiritual pathway of TRUTH - OR - continue along the pathway of deceptions, deceit and lies. The karmic problem is that choosing to continue along the pathway of deception - prolongs the pain - it doesn't solve the karma.


The Biggest Blessing of Being Poor is Truth

Anything and everything - based on a lie - always DIES. Everything truthful creates a vibrant life energy

It's very difficult to see the truth about life and people unless you've experienced poverty and being poor


Have you ever heard anyone talk about you - have you ever listened into what people honestly think of you. It's quite stimulating - because whilst it might not even be the truth - it lets you know - the truth of what "they" honestly think of you. Indeed in this modern world - and especially - from September 2015 and until September 2016 , with with Jupiter-Neptune opposition and with Saturn-Neptune square - a lot of truths will be revealed - all with purpose to END relationships and facets of life that need ENDING.


Anything based on a lie - always ENDS and DIES. A lie always gets revealed for the NONSENSE that it is. Even so - during the period of deception it fools and deceives. In human history - everyone has been deceived. Until our karmic internet generation - many religious people still believed the earth was flat, that Jesus never existed and that "god" lives in the east because sunrise is in the east - until it's been proven and clear from images from space - especially the Milky Way and Galactic center that the truth is our solar system is a small part of an unknown infinite infinity.


When you find out that your partner loves someone else or has been cheating on you - the problem isn't the truth - the problem is realizing that you were living-a-lie. When you find out that your partner is living with you because of money - but if you were poor - they'd be gone and living with another - again the problem isn't the truth - the problem is realizing that you've been living a lie.


Worse still is when people marry into money - from the beginning they've planned the deception - to divorce when it suits them - because the truth is they only married for money - it had nothing to do with "love". If that partner had been POOR - they would never have married. If there was true love - there would always be true love. True love never dies. Lies always die.


A poor man and poor woman - who accepts and embraces being poor - always see the truth - because their aura defines truth - as they are living a truthful life - their inner and outer world is in SYNC with truth. Whereas someone who is pretending to be better than they are - showing-off with a deception of who they are - are living a deceptive life - their aura emits deception and they attract more deceptions into their lives.


The purpose of being "poor" at the end-of-times is for you to learn the truth - the real truth about yourself, about your relationships and about meaning of life. The lessons of truth - inevitably can only be learnt when there's a fear or poverty or by actually being "poor". Poverty breaks the individual and one is demoted into a state of humility.


Humility is acquired when you're Poor

Humility is an invisible energy that unlocks your aura - to ensure to receive wisdom and enlightenment


The purpose of anything "bad" that happens to anyone is to HUMBLE a person. A setback - especially as setback and blockage created by karmic destiny - means - the only way to unblock the blockage is to eliminate it.


The fundamental mechanics of blockages are created by "resistance" to whatever you want to happen - because the ether blocks whatever it is you WANT - if you don't want anything - if you didn't want anything - then you wouldn't have any resistance to anything and wouldn't have any blockages in your life.


WANTS and DESIRES creates blockages - and blocks the flow of energy into a person's aura. Especially if whatever you WANT isn't yours to have. Once a person has begun a pathway of WANTS and DESIRES - thereafter - the more a person keeps on WANTING "it" - the bigger the frustration in not getting "it" - and the worse one's aura is blocked. UNTIL - you snap and break - and totally give-up trying and give-up wanting.


GIVING-UP is a facet of HUMILITY - because instead of wanting whatever you want - "giving-up" defines acceptance - and it breaks the ego. "Acceptance" of everything that happens in your life is the beginning of humility.



"I concede to the truth that I know nothing; I am nothing, and I will always be nothing

I have nothing nor will I ever have anything; I desire nothing and I want nothing

because I know that I have been blessed by GOD with everything I need

And yet the more I learn - the more I realize how little I know

With the truthful knowledge that I am and always will be an insignificant nothing" - JW



Your Humility is Your Key to the

Gateway of eternity and wisdom

When you've got nothing - when you've been crushed by "life" is a moment of humility

Humility is your individual key to unlocking the Gateway of your mind, your soul and your future


Being crushed by destined circumstances isn't a "punishment" - but it is a time of unlocking the greatest potential from within you. The fact that you feel you've lost "everything" and you've given up wanting things you used to want because it's totally blocked - will make you feel useless - but that's not true - because you are still alive and so long as you've the gift of life - you can UNLOCK something that you never realized you had within you.


When people have just been saved from accidents, life-threatening surgery or from dangerous situations - there's a few moments - when you feel with humility the gift of life and say to yourself - "WOW I've been saved - and I promise from now onwards - I'm going to appreciate life and do something good with it" - accidents, blockages and inexplicable unexpected real events do many people awaken to actually do something - whilst others go back to sleep with their boring mundane routine of wanting whatever they want - until they get their next awakening.


You can't describe HUMILITY - because it is an invisible energy that actually unlocks your mind and unlocks doors in your aura. HUMILITY ensures you STOP telling the world what you WANT - instead - you listen with humility to what destiny and life wants you to do, what life wants to give you and what life has defined as your destined pathway.


In fact - when you let yourself RECEIVE intuition, and LISTEN to the brilliant ideas - you will find the true meaning of your life - that's when you will receive even more intuitive wisdom and knowledge that will inspire you even more. The more you're inspired - the more humble you become. Because you'll realize the truth that none of the knowledge and wisdom you have is "yours" - it's come from the invisible ether and the only way it comes is because your humility has unlocked your aura to allow it all to come-in - to help you raise your consciousness and awareness. The more humble you become - the more you'll grow even more.


Whilst Psalm 72 explains this is the purpose of being "poor" - there are many other benefits of being "poor" - such as when you have NOTHING is when you see the truth who your true friends are. If people ignore you because you're "poor" is a good sign. Parasites that don't want a relationship with you because you're "poor" means you've been saved from them.


For many of you - initially it will hurt to be lonely and realize that all your so-called friends weren't really your friends and that "fake" selfish and parasitical people don't want you - because you've nothing they want - is indeed a karmic pain. But I say - don't be upset that no-one wants anything to do with you. Think of it as a MIRACLE - that you've been saved by destiny from having bad people in your life.


You'll soon see - there are lots of good people in the world - lots of genuinely kind, loving and compassionate people - they are there in the world - like hidden gems in society who live life truthfully - modestly - calmly and most of all - with a humility, happiness and gratitude for the gift of life.


I love being poor - I thank God - I'm poor

ברוך המקום שעשני עני

Being poor isn't as painful as you think - it's refreshingly wonderful when you realize how much it's saved you...

A poor man or poor woman - who embraces the spiritual pathway - understands clearly being poor is a blessing ...


Have you ever wondered why poor people who accept life as it is - are the happiest people in the world. I will tell you the truth - I could never have written the way I've written from life's experiences - if I wasn't poor. I've loved the past 3 years of my life - and look forward to a future of many more years of being poor - as it has ensured being intune with the truth - it ensures I make no mistakes and ensures I see life clearly. If I'd had a bit more money than I've had - I would have made some BAD mistakes.


One of the most inspirational books I've read is from Reb Naftoli of Ropshitz-Lancut in Poland explained that the lesson of understanding that "you have everything you need and therefore ... if you do not have it - it means your soul does NOT deed it".


Understanding that being "poor" restricts you with the purpose to ensure you get it all right. If you didn't want to get-it-right - then you'd be given more money than you need in order to screw your life up and mess up your soul. Reb Naftoli of Ropshitz explained that the lesson of understanding that "you have everything you need and therefore ... if you do not have it - it means your soul does NOT deed it"


Divrei Chayim of Sanz, Poland - Rabbi Chayim Halberstam - understood that Wealth and Money is a Curse - his compassion and generosity was legendary; he literally gave away everything he had for the needy and went to sleep penniless. When you become like and learn from these great souls - instead of just talking about them - then you too will see the real reason why be humble and poor - saves your soul from nonsense.

Unfortunately - some of the modern-day descendants have completely ignore their ancestors - and hence the gifts of the greatest spiritual Rabbis have been taken-away from their own ancestors. The spiritual secret to RESET your aura, your destiny and your true spirituality is to be POOR, be HUMBLE and HAVE NOTHING.


I will tell you the truth - I have nothing of my own - all I have fits into 2 suitcases - my furniture and home is rented - my book collection was given to me for free - the websites paid for by "readers" donations. And in the past 35 years - I've lived in 25 different places in 7 different countries - and never longer than 3 years in any place - the freedom of being poor - means being able to experience life to the fullest and meet fascinating and interesting people. Even now - as I'm completing sefer72 - I'm on the move again!


Don't become "poor" !

whilst you might begin to think how liberating it is to have nothing and be "poor"

King David is not telling people to throw-away their money and become "poor"


Sefer72 is telling people to be awakened and aware that people who have "money" on their minds as their goal in life - will always make BAD decisions - because their focus is on the dead-end journey of this earthly life - "they" are not thinking of bigger picture.


All you need to understand is that your aura will attract BAD people into your life - because of your money and what you can do for them. The moment you stop being of use to "them" - "they" will dump you - discard you and throw you away into the garbage. The liberating facet of poverty is freedom from people who have "money" as their "god".


Reset your Aura and Reset your Destiny

The spiritual secret to RESET your aura and your destiny is to be POOR, be HUMBLE and HAVE NOTHING.

Being poor, humble and having nothing - is the recipe to realize the truth - as explained fully in SpiritualSecrets3.


The reason why King David explains that at the end-of-time - those souls that are being saved - will have to experience the inexplicable karmic pain of being poor, humbled and have nothing - or at least has something missing in your life that will make you question and search for answers - is in order for you RESET your aura and receive your true destiny.


The main facet of this SpiritualSecret2 is that you too - see the blessing and destiny of being "poor". Even if you're not really "poor" - but you are missing something in your life that makes you feel "poor" is what King David is explaining in Psalm 72.


Rich people and especially middle-class people always think they're "poor" because they're always comparing themselves in a rat-race to others more wealthy than they. That too is poverty of the mind. Feeling that one is missing something is poverty.



Being poor is the biggest blessing you can have ...

I love being Poor - being poor means - I see life truthfully

"Money" is the only reason why people make mistakes - without money you can't make any mistakes

People with "money" buy sex, buy "drugs" that ruin their lives and go on "holidays" that endanger their lives

People with emphasis for "money" - sell themselves like whores - block their own lives - and can't ever see the truth


Sefer72 is talking to you - and saying "Love the Poor - Love being Poor - Be Happy you're Poor" - as being poor will ensure you never make mistakes. Indeed, everyone has seen that "Money" is the only reason why people make mistakes - hence look at the BIG advantage that without money - you can't make any mistakes. Psalm 72 says the only way you're going to be saved from lies, deception and mistakes is through the blessing of being poor.


SpiritualSecrets6 explains that everyone who is alive on earth is a piece of the Divine. Everyone has a soul - every living entity has a spiritual energy within them - that is a part of the Divine. Therefore - as explained above - poor people who have accepted their status - are the most honest, truthful and happiest in the world - because what you see is what we are. There's no deception.


The greatest spiritual facet is that when you ACCEPT everyone in the world - with a knowledge that everyone is an important piece of Divine energy in the world. You say "good-day", meet, greet, smile at everyone with a love and compassion for everyone - as you see the DIVINE in everyone. Even someone who is so BAD - weren't born BAD - and they might not die BAD - so there's still hope that your influence in the world - will make them come good too.


Now. I must explain that in this modern world - where many people "avoid" poor people - living in a selfish insular world detached from true reality - "they" are missing the connection with something special - for when you see the poor people, have compassion and feel the pain of the homeless - you too - will learn important lessons of gratitude for everything you have in your life.


Psalms 72 is talking to everyone in the last generation that it's important to feel the pain of poverty and feel the sense of having "nothing" and of loosing everything - in order to realize that this world is merely a transit and journey for your soul.


הזהרו מבני עניים שמהם תצא תורה

Humility is the invisible energy that protects the world


Great Souls knew we needed protection from "money"

King David 3000 years ago knew it, King Solomon prayed for it and 18th Century, 19th Century & 20th Century Rabbis prayed that everyone would be saved from "money", from the mistakes made because of "money" and from being under the spell and the influence of money and wealth.


People with focus and desires for money - will always make mistakes. Jesus Christ the direct descendant of King David - defined it too - that you can't have true spirituality with a head full of earthly nonsense, money and materialism.



Above is the famous "Hebrew Writings" of Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum of Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary

"Money" attracts worries, pain and anguish, "Money" creates connections to people who are bad for you

This "lucky" charm for money - is in fact - a protection from having money and ensures poverty

because the Rabbi realized that - thanks to being poor - you can attain much more spirituality than with money



People only cry, get stressed-out and worry about earthly stuff

I've never ever seen anyone "cry" or worry about anything spiritual !


It's a fact of life that people only worry about the meaningless earthly nonsense - "worry" is an earthly man-made energy - it is created by humans through negative-thinking about something meaningless, earthly and transient which vanishes and dies after a person dies.


Am indicative sign to show you how spiritually evolved you are is to see - do you worry about anything ? do you cry about something that is physical and earthly ? then you're wasting your precious energies and draining others too. Spiritually enlightened people never get stressed-out or worry about earthly stuff - we all know that we're going to die one day - and that every day is a gift.


The fundamental SpiritualSecrets7 of Sefer72 defines that none of us are in control of anything - it's the karmic destined destiny creating everything in the world - all you have to do is ensure you don't do anything stupid or anything you shouldn't be doing - and having NO MONEY will protect you from mistakes.


Truth creates the urgent need for change

Seeing the Truth is the SYNC of your soul to your current reality - if it's not in SYNC then when

you see how something is so wrong you realize the urgent need to change and fix it immediately


I explain on SpiritualSecrets3 - that seeing the TRUTH will awaken and shock you too - TRUTH will put you in SYNC with yourself and with your true destiny - and from finding ONE truth - you will find ALL truths. That's when you'll get the wholesomeness and contentment with life that you're looking for.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם