The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Audio file is - "SpiritualSecret 1"

The 1st Spiritual Secret of Sefer 72

Your soul, your emotions and thoughts will ensure you meet your specific dates with destiny.

You will know it's your destiny and always know - enabling "reset" at anytime


1. Your Soul has given your Mind Strong Memories to Meet

It's the inexplicable invisible energies, desires and wants that "you" want - that makes you meet your destiny


Ambition, desires, wants and feelings are all a complicated mixture of energies that makes everyone do things. No-one is born without a desire life - you might not know - exactly what you want - but you know you want something.


I've explained fully in The Book of Love @ that desires, love and dislikes are all invisible karmic energies that you can't predict nor define - you either feel it or you don't. Even someone as important as a parent - you might have no love or warmth towards - whereas you'll adore your grandparents - the feelings you have - are the biggest puzzle to the mystery of life.


Because from the day you're born to the day you'll die - everything you'll do in your life and everything you want to do with your life - will be defined by the invisible energies you feel. The clothes you wear, the food you eat and the way you feel today will all be defined by the "invisible" energies.


You might think you logically chose to wear specific colors today - but it was the way you felt that made you decide to wear the colors you wear today - and to buy the clothes you have. Unless - you're living like a robotic human - doing things out of routine - without feelings - in which case - wakeup now and look at yourself in the mirror - do you like the colors of clothes you're wearing - if not - then make a change based on your feelings - and stop living like a robot !


The biggest puzzle for many people is - the people you love in your life - the people you choose to love is an "invisible" chemistry - it isn't logical - and yet - the people you love in your life are the most important unforgettable facets of your life. Whilst everything else in your life is a complete blur and easily forgotten - there are facets in your life - that define your life and are unforgettable.


When you meet things your soul needs you to meet ...

you'll feel a strong surge of energy - then you've found "it"


You've felt "it" - I know you have - because - everyone in the world has felt "it" - the moment - you feel the warmth inside yourself - that you've found what you've been looking for - even the karmic mistakes you've been destined to make - you felt "it" too.


It often happens even if and especially if you haven't been looking for "it" - to prove to you that - when you find something destined and important to "you" - you've received a strong surge of energy - because your soul has talked and is talking to you. Those destined moments is your real reality living in-sync with your karmic destiny - and with an unstoppable sense of destiny - that is totally invisible and yet very real - things happen to change your life.


Those specific moments [some call the crossroads of life] are when your soul is fully present in your physical body - because you are doing exactly what you've been born to do. Those specific moments are EMBEDDED deep in your mind - and whether you like them or not - they are facets you had to experience.


Indeed, and most probably - those moments are full of unforgettable emotions - and to show the contrast that during the journey of life - there's lots of stuff that's meaningless nonsense - stuff you did yesterday that totally forgotten about - and yet stuff you did 20 or 30 years ago - are such strong memories that you'll never forget them.


These unforgettable facets of your life - your soul and mind has ensured you never forget them. Your entered this world with "vision" and "pictures" in your mind of what your destiny wants you to meet .... and then you meet them. The feelings you get - when you meet these karmic facets of your life - are unusually strong. And as I explain below - are energies - that will always allow you to RESET yourself - and find your destined pathway - even if you've got lost.


Forget logic because when you meet people and go to places

You will recognize destiny by your strong "feelings"

The sudden inexplicable strong feelings with surprise, shock, astonish, enlighten and make you feel very "alive"


During your life - you will have many inexplicably strong affinities for people, things, places and facets of your life that your soul has impressed on your mind. These facets are destined markers to show you - you're on the right pathway. Whenever you get "lost" - all you need to do is reset back to these "markers".


Even the mistakes are part of life - there's no such things as "coincidences" - because - prior to realizing that specific thing or that relationship was a big mistake - you felt it was so right for you. That's because in sync with your destiny - your soul made you feel it was so right for you.


If you deny your mistakes - then you're denying your own existence. The karma of life is that "Life" is a journey when everyone makes mistakes - what you do - after the mistakes is part of your souls onward journey - but to deny the energies that made you make the mistakes is denying part of your karmic destiny and you'll be missing pieces in the puzzle of your life. As explained in Sefer GilGulim - "Everyone you've ever known in your life - sits in your aura" - Sefer Gilgulim says learn to forgive all and embrace all karmic pieces of your life.



Human instinct is to always go "home" to find yourself - or go to a place that makes you feel you're at "home"

For most people - like me - inside churches wherever you are in the world - gives a sense of feeling at "home"


When you're "lost" and "confused" - you always find yourself

In this modern world - full of a buzz of energies - you might get lost and confused - but you can always find yourself ....


This indeed - is the SpiritualSecret1 - that whenever you get "lost" - whenever you're confused and can't see what to do next with your life - meditate and reflect back on - any of the STRONG destined moments of your life - that way - your soul and mind are connected with "you" - and then you can think clearly. When you think of your strong moments of your life - these are moments of RESET and SYNCHRONIZATION.


You can only find yourself - when you are yourself - when you're thinking about your own life - with it's specific memories. When you do think of the "past" destined moments - don't hate the "past" - forgive the "past" and accept that each piece in the puzzle of your life was destined to bring you to where you are today. That's when you'll easily plug yourself in - and have a wholesome synchronization - and then you'll be able to find the right direction for the next step of your future.


And when you connect with something that was truly 100% part of your destiny - feel all the emotions and energies - that's when you will have clarity - even amidst your current confusing situation - because the SYNC of your thoughts with the real "you" - will make you get it all right.


You left yourself lots of "signs" and "reminders" to find ...

Life is truly like a 1000 piece puzzle - how many of the pieces have you found so far ?


Whether it be your inexplicable desire or allergic reaction for chocolate icecream, for peanuts or walnuts, or onions or garlic - everything in your life - is in sync with your soul and your physical body - everything is a "sign". Your soul is constantly awake and is constantly trying it's best to communicate with you. It is your choice to listen or not.


When you've chosen to become awakened and listen - then you'll realize that all your life - your soul has been talking to your physical body. Every coincidence, every ache and pain, every moment of happiness, every positive memory - has been created and retained - because your soul wants you to put all the pieces together and become wholesome.



The 2003 Film called "Paycheck" with Ben Affleck & Uma Thurman - he had just 20 pieces of a puzzle to survive

Life gives you all the pieces you need to live the life your destined to live - you can't loose your karmic pieces


Slowdown, Stop and Think

Stop running around like crazy headless chicken - slowdown, stop, think about your life

Think carefully - what has been the most important signposts and moments of your life ?


The inexplicable current events in your life have been recreated by whatever your soul has needed to create. The main reason is to get you to become awakened. Instead of running around like a headless chicken - destiny wants you to stop and think. If you've got problems and blockages in your life - and can't find a solution - then it's a "sign" to stop and think.


"PRESS RESET" in your mind - connect with your soul - connect by thinking of all your destined moments that define your life - with all the invisible emotional energies. Even funerals of loved ones - the moment of death - as you sat by the bedside of your parents or grandparents when they took their last breath of life - you know it was a STRONG destined moment - that was speaking to your soul - and is constantly speaking to your soul.


When you realize - inexplicable bad luck, stagnation and blockages in your life - are because life wants to sort your life out - wanting you to make a RESET within yourself then you'll realize the truth of this SpiritualSecret.


This indeed - is the SpiritualSecret1 - that whenever you get "lost" - whenever you're confused and can't see what to do next with your life - meditate and reflect back on any of the STRONG destined moments of your life - that way - your soul and mind are connected with "you" - and then you can think clearly.


Life is talking to you - Sunrise & Sunset - Clouds in the Sky



Everything you see - every moment of every day is talking to your soul - are you listening to the signs ?



Every place you walk - every building - everyone you meet - every where in the world - is speaking to you

Either it's saying "please come in - because I am part of your destiny - I'm a karmic piece of your life"

or it's saying "don't come in - and go away - because I've nothing to do with your destiny"


All your reactions and feeling are in sync with your destiny

When your soul awakens your physical body - are moments some call "Divine Intervention"


How many times have you changed your mind and do something unexpected because you finally listened to your deepest feelings. Even if you've had a destined experience - when it came the destined time to end - you inexplicably and unpredictably - changed your mind - because you felt - you had to. Those moments too - are great moments.


When your soul awakened your physical body - and told you to change - are moments - some call "Divine Intervention" - and in this karmic generation - everyone is experiencing these types of moments.


If you have a BAD feeling - then you've been given it for a reason - conversely - if you've been given a GOOD feeling - that too is a "sign". Having no feelings and having nothing happening in your life - is simply your soul telling you - it's time to wake up and get connected to your own life.


As explained above - meditate on the greatest and most powerful moments of your life - and then - let yourself feel the energies - energizing your mind - when you think with emotions - it means your soul is making the connection to you - all you have to be is THINK.


In the same way that Great Spiritual Souls - left reminders and signposts for each of us - like King David in the Book of Psalms has left lots of signs and reminders for me in Psalm 72 - you too - let yourself become open and attracted to whatever it is - your soul wants you to be attracted to. Whatever "it" is - it's destined purpose is to awaken your existence - to live life to the fullest.


In SpiritualSecret2 - I will explain - one of the most important lessons of modern life - "money" - and the inexplicable obsessive feelings about "money" that this karmic generation is feeling - isn't normal - but a "sign" that is speaking to everyone.


Modern Day Signs - Music - Internet

Your favorite lucky numbers, songs and names

Your souls before it was born - knew there would be an internet - and knew that you'd be searching online for answers


There's no shortage of "coincidences" - even finding this website - and reading the words written online - are destined messages written for YOU. Indeed, your lucky numbers, your favorite songs - even when you meet someone knew - and their name mysteriously resonates with you - are all "signs".


How many times when surprisingly and unexpectedly you hear your favorite - specific songs that always awakens you and gives you a "sign". Wherever you are - when you suddenly hear your favorite songs being played - it gives you a "sign". It is the modern world - and every musician, artist, movie and website - either resonates with you or it doesn't. That's because your soul knew you'd need to have markers, "signs" and events that would ensure - you feel you're on the right pathway.




"Fly Me to the Moon"

Our desire and affinity to the "Moon" and "Moon Astrology" meant we've always loved this song

What's your favorite song in this lifetime - that your soul sings and resonates to ?



All the SpiritualSecrets hidden in the Jewish Lucky Number 72

King David knew that every Jewish person would resonate to the lucky number of 72

So he hid the spiritualsecrets of the end-of-times in Psalm 72 - as explained on SpiritualSecrets7



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם