The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם - The 7 SpiritualSecrets of Psalm 72

One facet of "The Book of Secrets' Secrets ספר סודי סודות"


"Sefer 72 is Psalm 72"

Audio file is - "Introduction"


I introduce in SpiritualSecrets1 the concept of time and that each generation leaves clues, spiritual secrets and vital information for the next generation - whilst ensuring all the "answers" and "SpiritualSecrets" remain secret until the destined moments when they are allowed to be revealed.


Destiny has a specific time frame for things to happen - and Sefer72 has relevant secrets for our karmic internet generation which have been hidden in the words of Psalm 72. The blessing of the internet is creating the opportunities to help you expand your understanding of what's truly happening and what will unfold in the next few years.


King David was one of the greatest souls to have lived on earth - he wrote the Book of Psalms exactly 3000 years ago [1040 - 940 BCE] - and with the greatness of his prophetic foresight - he knew he had to conceal many of the truths in the words of Psalms - until the destined time would be ready for the specific generations to decipher what he meant.


All the SpiritualSecrets hidden in the Jewish Lucky Number 72

King David knew that every Jewish person would resonate to the lucky number of 72

So he hid the SpiritualSecrets of the end-of-times in Psalm 72 - as explained on SpiritualSecrets7


Over many generations - many have explained the specific Psalms that pertained to their generation. Now for our generation - it is time of enlightenment - to reveal some of the secrets of Psalm 72 on the open internet.


So that each of you will be awakened to realize the karmic truth that - there is a DIVINE destined plan - that assures "everything" always goes according to plan - and even explains the ignorance and the mistakes made of prior generations - which have all been destined too.


Nothing happens by coincidence - there's a meaning to everything - and as humanity will soon be amazed to see - it doesn't end in doom and gloom - If it's not yet a happy ending - then it's not yet - "the end" - for the truth is "the end" is a happy ending of great amazement and enlightenment.


Even - as recent to our own parents generation - was referred to Psalm 78 verse 8 - as a stubborn materialistic greedy generation who turned away from the spiritual pathway and pursued whatever they wanted to do - however stupid or meaningless it was - they did it - and taught us to do the same stupid things. Indeed - it wasn't their fault - it was probably the damage done to them - in the WWII / Holocaust - that forced them to become focused on materialism - which thanks to them - we all have a much better quality of physical life.


Unfortunately, the improved physical materialistic quality of life - had a detrimental effect on spiritual and moral values - that is what King David predicted in Psalm 78 - that the next generation - that is now - our generation - would come back to fundamental spiritual values. Psalm 72 will explain the mechanics of how this is achieved through it's SpiritualSecrets.

Introduction to "Psalm 72 - Sefer 72"

The Spoken Word in Audio has power - this Audio file includes the Hebrew reading of Psalm 72




The above are images of an original Book of Psalms - printed Furth Germany in 1805 - which contain the commentaries and mystical explanations of the Psalm 72 - which I've used to write this website. Wherever possible - I quote the original hebrew sources - such as the explanations of Psalms of Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum to explain the SpiritualSecrets to show the truthful clarity and to dispel all the made-up ignorant nonsense and garbage that's on the internet about "messiah".


The internet is indeed full of nonsense - made-up by ignorant people - pretending to be some type of godly force with a special connection to knowing when the world will end. The truth is NO-ONE knows the date and time of the Lord. Hence, I explain in the SpiritualSecrets of Psalm 72 - that dates and predictions for the coming-of-a-Messiah or end-of-the-world - are all LIES - which are messing with and corrupting people's heads - taking them away from the enlightened truthful spiritual pathway.


I hope you will understand the importance of Book of Psalms and will realize that all the SpiritualSecrets in Psalm 72 weren't made-up yesterday by some idiot - but were in fact predicted by the King David 3000 years ago. Leading to a time of amazing enlightenment for all of humanity and not just for an exclusive group of people. The prophetic vision for "the end" of times is - an all inclusive of everyone everywhere in the whole world vision of enlightenment.


The 7 SpiritualSecrets of Sefer72

The 7 SpiritualSecrets of Sefer72 - a destined journey that began in 2008 - when Pluto entered Capricorn


The Spiritual Translation - Understanding the words of Psalm 72 as codes and SpiritualSecrets

from King David written 3000 years ago - applicable for everyone on earth

1st SpiritualSecret - Your soul, your emotions and thoughts will ensure you meet your specific dates with destiny. You will know it's your destiny and always know - enabling "reset" at anytime

2nd SpiritualSecret - Being poor is a big blessing as money and desires of money

will kill a person. Being poor saves a person from mistakes and gives you life.

3rd SpiritualSecret - Your soul never sleeps and is constantly trying to ensure you have

an exact correlation between your real destiny and your physical reality

4th SpiritualSecret - The karmic importance of the Moon - as it talks to you

& Moon Astrology is proof that there's a Divine plan for all of humanity

5th SpiritualSecret - The mysterious words of Psalms 72

& the double meaning of many words to hide the SpiritualSecrets

6th SpiritualSecret - The lesson of acceptance, gratitude and happiness

preparing and refining your soul for your onward journey

7th SpiritualSecret - The Name of Messiah is ...... ינון

& The End-of-Times Vision of the Book of Daniel ספר דניאל

The Pieces of the Puzzle - The understanding of Psalm 72

Intuited thanks to many special people, spiritual souls and coincidences


The Destined Destination for Humanity

The prophecy of Psalms 117 - הללו את יהוה כל גוים שבחוהו כל האמים

"All Nations will Praise GOD - All peoples will Thank GOD".


For all Jewish readers - I must add - that I hope you will appreciate your great leaders who wrote with inspirational brilliance - read the original texts and value every word in your Jewish Books more and more - you have an inherited heritage which is far more important than "money" or "materialism".

And for all non-Jewish readers - you should know that the prophetic vision of King David written 3000 years ago - includes all people of all nations - whatever your belief, whoever you are and wherever you are in the world. The prophecy of Psalms 117 - "All Nations will Praise GOD - All peoples will Thank GOD". Psalm 72 merely explains the spiritual journey to that destined destination.


I am NOT Jewish - To avoid confusion - I state clearly that - I am NOT Jewish

I am a Catholic Christian as explained on SpiritualSecrets website | | | |

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם